Providing critical dental treatment to the needy in Jackson Macon Swain & Transylvania Counties of Western North Carolina

Clinic Volunteers and Staff

Currently, under the leadership of an active Board of Directors, the Clinic serves patients in our community with a Supervising Staff Dentist, 11 Volunteer Dentists, two part-time Dental Hygienists and two Dental Assistants. In 2018, our Staff Dentist spent 855 hours with patients. Our volunteer dentists matched those hours with a total of 1,006 hours.


Our volunteer dentists are our heroes, selflessly giving countless hours of their time, receiving no compensation, and deriving benefit only from knowing that they are providing a more normal life to those who would otherwise live in pain. With well over 100 years of cumulative dental service, our team of dentists brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Blue Ridge Free Dental Clinic. We currently have 11 active volunteer dentists.

John Berg, DDS, volunteer dentist

John Berg, DDS

Claude D'Antonio, DDS, volunteer dentist

Claude D'Antonio, DDS

Tommy Day, DDS

Tommy Day, DDS

Paul Decarlo, DDS, volunteer dentist

Paul DeCarlo, DDS

Christopher Dyer, DDS, volunteer dentist

Christopher Dyer, DMD

Michael Hamrick, DDS, volunteer dentist

Michael Hamrick, DDS

Michael McDevitt, DDS, volunteer dentist

Michael McDevitt, DDS

David Jones, DDS, volunteer dentist

David Jones, DDS

Gary McManama, DDS, volunteer dentist

Gary McManama, DDS

Kathy Smith, DMD, volunteer dentist

Kathy Smith, DMD

Fred Rodenbeck, DMD, volunteer dentist

Fred Rodenbeck, DDS

Clinic Volunteers and Staff

The Clinic’s continued success has also been dependent on our small staff, who keep the Clinic running smoothly and make it possible for the dentists to work efficiently.

  • Melanie Jones, Executive Director
  • Dr. Michelle McDonald, Dental Director
  • Michele Coward, Clinic Operations Director
  • Robby Cahill, Office Manager
  • Dawn Ferrin, Dental Assistant
  • Donna Freeman, Office Assistant
  • Nancy Buchanan, Registered Dental Hygienist
  • Linda Wood, Registered Dental Hygienist