Providing critical dental treatment to the needy in Jackson Macon Swain & Transylvania Counties of Western North Carolina

We Restore Lives, One Tooth at a Time

The Blue Ridge Mountains Health Project, better known as the Blue Ridge Free Dental Clinic, delivers comprehensive dental care to people who cannot otherwise afford these critically needed services. We restore lives—one tooth at a time.

The Blue Ridge Mountains Health Project was formed in 2005 to create a permanent Free Dental Clinic.  In 2013, the original space was renovated and used equipment was replaced with new, state-of-the-art equipment within six operatories.  We serve low-income patients (at or below 200% of the poverty level) in Jackson, Macon, Swain and Transylvania counties with one Staff Dentist, 12 Volunteer Dentists, two Registered Dental Hygienists and two Dental Assistants. In 2016, donor and foundation support enabled the Clinic to upgrade its radiology and charting systems to digital technology.

Since 2005, the Clinic has performed 57,500 dental procedures with a value exceeding $8,800,000

Limited financial resources are a barrier to dental care. Medicare does not provide any dental services and while Medicaid provides limited dental assistance, large portions of the needy population, particularly the working poor and elderly, do not qualify for that program. Based on 2010 US Census data and NC Medicaid enrollment, we estimate that over 17,000 people in our serviceable counties meet the financial qualifications of the Clinic.

It is our hope that donations from the community will help stabilize our current efforts so that we may continue to: serve over 700 patients a year; offer continuity of care through patient treatment plans and restorative procedures; prevent dental disease through hygiene procedures; and, provide information on community resources to patients for their greater well-being.

Blue Ridge Mountains Health Project, Inc. is a registered not-for-profit organization with federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. All donations are tax deductible.

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Quick Facts About Our Clinic

  • The Clinic is the only truly free Dental Clinic in Western North Carolina that focuses on restorative and preventative dental care.
  • Our 12 volunteer dentists are fully licensed and provide all of their professional services free of charge.
  • The Clinic is supported by the generous donations of local churches, foundations and caring individuals.
  • During 2018:
    • The Clinic completed 5,431 procedures in 2018. These services included: 1,252 extractions, 1,147 fillings, 506 cleanings, 29 dentures/partials, 29 crowns and 15 root canals.
    • The services provided in 2018 have a market value of $1,055,000 — all provided at no charge to the patient.
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Receiving desperately needed dental care can be a life-changing event for our patients.

Stories of Hope and Renewal

Our patients come to us in the most dire of circumstances, feeling depressed, hopeless, humiliated and in severe pain. Once their dental health and smiles are restored, they can face the world with confidence. Read some of their stories.

Every dollar donated to the clinic is put to use serving the patients.

Making Every Dollar Count

For every dollar donated, the Clinic generates three dollars worth of restorative dental health procedures for our patients. Read our current and past newsletters for a closer look at the Clinic's operations.

The Tooth Fairies help the clinic with community awareness, outreach programs and fundraising activities.

Meet the Tooth Fairies

Both kids and adults love our Tooth Fairies! Find out how these whimsical creatures help the Clinic with community outreach and fundraising activities.