Providing critical dental treatment to the needy in Jackson Macon Swain & Transylvania Counties of Western North Carolina

We Restore Lives, One Tooth at a Time

The Blue Ridge Free Dental Clinic delivers high-quality emergency, restorative and preventative dental care to people who cannot otherwise afford these critically needed services. We restore lives—one tooth at a time. Since its beginning in 2005, the Clinic has performed over 65,000 procedures over 19,270 patient visits with a value exceeding $10 million dollars. A comprehensive care model is simply not available to poor residents of Western North Carolina without the Free Dental Clinic.

Our goals in treatment are to:

  • Eliminate pain and infection through emergency care.
  • Rehabilitate patient’s oral health through restorative procedures and hygiene.
  • Empower patients to continue with preventative oral health beyond their treatment with the clinic.

The Clinic's goals today and over the next three years are to:

  • Increase access to comprehensive dental care to low-income residents of rural WNC including emergency, restorative and preventative care.
  • Provide dental health education and outreach to students and residents of all ages in rural WNC to promote the importance of dental health and to break the generational cycle of dental disease in this region.

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2021 Annual Campaign Letter

Covid-19 Response

The Free Dental Clinic remained open throughout 2020. While restorative and preventative procedures were suspended in March 2020, patients in need of emergency dental care were seen in person by Dental Director Dr. Michelle McDonald and through teledentistry provided by Dr. McDonald and volunteer dentist Dr. Kathy Smith. Over 500 emergency procedures were performed from March 2020 through July 2020, keeping patients out of emergency rooms and safe from COVID-19 exposure in an urgent care setting. Patients with treatment plans that included fillings and cleanings were able to resume restoring their dental health in July 2020. Hygiene appointments were available in September 2020.

During most years, the Clinic serves an average of 725 patients. During 2020, we served 499 patients through 1,199 patient visits. We completed 1,211 emergency procedures, 459 restorative procedures, 89 hygiene appointments, and 85 teledentistry exams.

The Clinic is much more than an extraction clinic, but in 2020 we concentrated on emergency dental care in response to the COVID-19 health crisis. We maintained all our staff, including our staff dentist, but all 12 volunteer dentists suspended service with us. All have since returned! We have been able to safely return to our comprehensive model that includes emergency, restorative, and preventative care.

While we understand the importance of emergency dental care, our true vision is to "put ourselves out of business" through restoration and prevention. A focus on all three components of our model of care reaches our overarching goal of increasing access to dental care to low-income residents of Cashiers and WNC.

Blue Ridge Mountains Health Project, Inc. is a registered not-for-profit organization with federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. All donations are tax deductible.

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Receiving desperately needed dental care can be a life-changing event for our patients.

Stories of Hope and Renewal

Our patients come to us in the most dire of circumstances, feeling depressed, hopeless, humiliated and in severe pain. Once their dental health and smiles are restored, they can face the world with confidence. Read some of their stories.

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For every dollar donated, the Clinic generates three dollars worth of restorative dental health procedures for our patients. Read our current newsletter for a closer look at the Clinic's operations.

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